Little Inventors

Industrial Designers (Students and Faculty)

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
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Job role:Student / Professor

Skills:We love solving problems, creating new products and making prototypes whether it be drawing and sketching, quick mock-ups or digital models to render, animate, 3D print or cut out on the CNC machine.

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Recent project reports

'The Raz' Sketches!
Posted about The Raz (Relax and Zen) by Delilah

This is a little bit of the process of taking the original sketch and transforming it!

Final Presentation
Posted about Weather Box by Peyton

Design is complete, the digital model is done and rendered and off to the 3D printer to bring to life. A poster is made to help describe the Weather Box and all its features.

2nd Virtual Meeting
Posted about Weather Box by Peyton

Base parameters, Visual Inspiration and Sketches!