Little Inventors

Awesome Inventions!

The Macomb Intermediate School District in partnership with the MISTEM Network has been working with Little Inventors since early 2021 to deliver exciting creative opportunities for young people in Macomb County.

With Little Inventors and our community partners, we are infusing innovation by leveraging children’s innate curiosity, honoring their inventiveness and connecting them with industry professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Following a successful pilot with MISD Mission Blue: Oceans! in which 20 teachers across 6 school districts and 350 students from Michigan schools took part, and the subsequent success of Operation Lift Off: MISD Mission Moon!, our upcoming project is MISD Go Green: For a Better Planet. The challenge will go live in February 2023 and will inspire participants to invent to improve the health of our planet! Our students will build a better future and contribute their ideas to the global world.

With thanks to our MISD Mission Moon! delivery partners, teachers and future engineers

With thanks to our MISD Mission Blue: Oceans! delivery partners, teachers and future engineers