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Will you answer the call to Go Green? Our daily routines make up our impact on the planet and contribute to problems like climate change and pollution. We need you to invent to save our world and think up solutions that will improve the health of it now and for generations to come. The ways we Eat, Travel, and Play all have an impact. Let's GO GREEN for a better planet!

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The Operation Lift Off: MISD Mission Moon project consisted of six space-themed activity packs designed to allow students to invent without limits. Together, we explored the depths of space and the outer limits of our imagination!

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What could be invented to help protect our oceans and water resources? We all know how essential our water resources are and so we asked for your ideas to help keep them healthy, to help the people whose livelihoods come from working in them, and celebrate all the wonderful creatures which live underwater. Well done for taking a deep dive with your imagination!