Little Inventors

PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

Macomb Township, Michigan, U.S.
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Job role:Product Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Skills:PTI Engineered Plastics together with its product design division, PTI Design, provides services that bring products from “art to part”. The team at PTI Design is driven by innovation, designing products with aesthetics & manufacturing in mind, supplying all the necessary elements for product production. PTI Engineered Plastics provides custom tooling & part manufacturing. Having in-house design capability at PTI makes product development, prototyping and manufacturing a streamlined process!

The PTI Design team includes Creative Design Directing Manager Steve Elliott, and Principal Designer Mike Vettraino. Steve has been a “maker” since he was little and Mike likes being able to use his imagination each day at PTI Design and describes himself and Steve as having a “DIY Mindset” especially when something does not exist!  Together they bring over 40 years of education and experience to the product design board and are excited to help bring Little Inventors’ visions to life!

Recent project reports

It's all in the details
Posted about The Flamingo Mobile by Hayden

The Flamingo Mobile is nearly ready to be deployed and details are coming together for the mobile debut!

"Pretty In Pink" Achieving the perfect "Flamingo Pink" color
Posted about The Flamingo Mobile by Hayden

Now that the team has finished 3D printing components to the Flamingo Mobile it is time to start painting! By combining different shades of pink spray paint they have come up with a perfect "Flamingo Pink" color.

Painting and Assembly begins!
Posted about The Flamingo Mobile by Hayden

The design team began working on painting components and assembling parts of the mobile. 3D printed parts are first washed in a "bath" of isopropyl alcohol and then cured with light. The Flamingo Mobile is nearly ready for flight!